Tired of counting calories? Here are 5 ways to lose weight without a strict diet.

Most of us feel that the only way to lose weight is to count calories,we got this all wrong! We don’t need to count calories we need to have a healthy lifestyle.

Here are five ways to lose weight without following a strict diet . 

1. Exercise. Yes ,we need to exercise 3-5 days a week to have a healthy body and tone muscles. Key to exercise is DON’T overexert ourselves because we will burn out and your weight loss will be affected. 20-30 minutes of regular exercise is enough to keep us motivated and prevent us from over straining.

2. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast is the start to your morning and gives you the right nutrients and energy for the day. Many studies show that eating breakfast boost your metabolism and enhances weight loss. Leaving home with an empty stomach will not only lower your metabolism , it will also effect your workouts because you will not have enough energy.

3. Eat in moderation! Eating in moderation is the most important way to lose weight. Eating foods that are considered unhealthy are okay, just don’t eat it everyday of course.

4. Don’t drink your calories. Sweet drinks have plenty of empty calories that doesn’t fill us up but Will make us gain weight. They contain a whopping 20-30 grams of sugar and hundreds of calories just in one bottle or glass. So they next time you drink a milkshake at your favorite dinner , think again!

5. Have a good detox drink. Having a good detox does wonders for your body, giving us clearer skin and aiding weight loss. Detox drinks are also hunger suppressants which will help us eat in moderation. There are many types of detox drinks but we need to choose a natural product with no added chemicals , like Red tea. Red tea is a good detox because it gets rid of all the toxins in the body and increases your metabolic rate. What does that mean? This means we lose weight faster and our skin will be healthier because The red tea detox is packed with antioxidants.

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