Top 5 ways yoga can benefit you mentally and physically.

1. Strength, Agility and Flexibility are all Increased

Many sports will give you strength. Others will give you more agility, but few practices will increase strength, agility, and flexibility all at once.

2. Yoga Enhances Memory

It may seem strange that a practice which involves breathing and stretching can enhance your cognitive functioning, people who do yoga learn quicker, easier and have increased memory capacity .

3. Mental Health is greatly improved

Yoga offers so many benefits for the mind, it is difficult to name them all but a few would be improvements in overall mood , lowered depressive state and less hostility towards others.

4. You Can Do Yoga Anywhere

There are no gym memberships required, and no expensive gear. You don’t have to be in shape to start, and it will continue to challenge you even if you are in shape. Yoga is timeless and can be done almost anywhere without a great cost or inconvenience.

5. Yoga will tone your body and help lose weight

Yoga relaxes your body and improves stress management, this will stop the result of stress eating. Practicing yoga increases body awareness, specifically relating to hunger, meaning you wont overeat.

Finding the right yoga routine is hard because we arn’t professionals and don’t know what exercises to do. That’s why we must find a yoga instructor but we don’t want to leave our homes , we want to do yoga in the comforts of home. Luckily their are digital yoga classes which allows you to learn yoga from an instructor at the comfort of home

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