Cant lose weight? Following a meal plan but not getting results? Look no further!!!

Ever browse the internet and see many diet plans and not know what to choose?There are over hundreds of diet plans and exercise routines telling us to eat less or spend hours in the gym all to get that dream body.  Is it possible? Absolutely! Eating less and working out are surefire ways to help us shed off those pounds and get that body we dream of. So the question is why don’t people lose weight even after following all these strict diets and workout plans? The truth is, WE GIVE UP! Sticking to these regimens almost become unbearable as the sugar cravings and that temptation to order a large pizza with some hot wings kick in. We then throw away our celery stick and give up,  start to eat more than before and end up gaining more weight than  before

Truth is losing weight is simple but we just dont commit. Once we find a system, weight loss doesnt become a chore but rather a lifestyle. We dont need to sacrifice the food we love and spend 3 hours doing bench presses .

These are the top three tips to lose belly fat and live a healthy life style

1. Don’t be a couch potato many times we indulge in watching long movies , what’s the problem in this you may ask? The problem is majority of us accompany movies with unhealthy snacks like, potato chips and we eat these snacks for hours and possibly finish 2 to 3 packets in one sitting, we are all guilty of this. Eating these foods are okay but must be eaten in moderation or not we will gain weight.

2. Don’t overwork yourself at the gym. Doing intense workouts at the gym isn’t going to help you lose weight. Unless you’re bulking, intense workouts will not help, all it does is build muscle under fat. Regular and non-strenuous exercise will set you on the right path to lose weight. Basically  have a healthy life style

3. Find a diet plan which is easy to follow. This is the most important method to lose weight. Finding a good diet plan that’s easy to follow is hard to come across, but is most efficient. Diet is 80 % to weight loss , the remaining 20 is from working out. Having an easy to follow meal plan motivates you to lose more weight because its easy to follow , you don’t have to give up the food you love and.. it works!!

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